Sunday, April 21, 2013


Busy weekend is finally over.  Is it wrong to kind of be a little bit happy that "regular routine" Monday is on its way?

Yesterday was an awesome afternoon with my nephew.  He had asked me about a month ago if we could go see the new Jackie Robinson movie '42'.

He's 10!

And he asked me to go see this sports biopic.


Um.....yeah!  I was absolutely pumped at the invite.

Opening weekend was a no go as he was sick but yesterday was smooth sailing as we headed to the theatre.  I was more interested in seeing if he would be engaged throughout the movie or if he would just get bored with it.

Long story short.....he loved it.  So did I.  It's a really solid flick if you get a chance to see it.  It's PG so a lot of the harsh, harsh stuff Robinson had to go through was not put in the film.  But there are some tough moments without question.

I loved my nephew's initial reaction when Harrison Ford (who does a great job playing Dodgers Pres. & GM Branch Rickey) hit the screen.  "Hey, that's Han Solo."  I saw it coming a mile away.  But it didn't take long before Ford became Rickey.

Go see it if you like your biopics.

Anyways, on to today's card.

A while back I posted a sweet shot of Dominic Roussel from a mid-90's junk wax release.

See....not bad at all.  One in a million to get that puck to do its thing right?


Much to my surprise, I found another.  With Roussel.

1993/94 Upper Deck
#336 Dominic Roussel

Eyes glued on the puck like in the first photo.  Flyers logo crisp and clean on the puck.  And the epitome if "freezing time".  Imagine if it was from the same game!  Kudos to the photographer.

It's amazing how many good shots can be found on junk wax era cards if one just takes the time to go through them.  I was sifting through a bunch of my commons recently and pulled out a good dozen or so (and could've yanked quite a few more).

Makes me wonder why more photos like these - or any unique sports photos for that matter - aren't used when creating card sets.  I find a lot of sets have simple, boring 3/4 body shots of guys turning left or right.  Simple "I'm ready for a faceoff" poses or "Hey....look over there.  You know, where the action is".

A photo like the Roussel above can create interest and attraction.  And while it might not be everybody's cup of tea, I can't help but think there are a bunch of collectors out there who would scramble at good solid photography.

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  1. I think as a career, Roussel may have had the best photography on his cards...

    hmm... that may be an idea...