Thursday, April 4, 2013


Is it me.....or does it feel like FOREVER since Jarome Iginla was playing in a Calgary Flames uniform?  The boys got pelted 8-2 tonight (and actually led 2-0 early on).

She be a long rest of the season.

Anyways, a couple new Linden cards to show off tonight.  It's been a little slow in this department lately (and I ain't complaining).  There are a couple "bigger ticket" cards on their way so the drool candy will return soon.

Not to mention ITG Ultimate Memorabilia 12 being released the same weekend as the Spring Expo (my wallet is already crying out) only to be followed up by Decades 90's (which will surely dent the pocketbook even more).

In some ways, I can't wait for summer.  In others......I hope it takes its time.

2012/13 Panini Limited
#187 Captains  /99

Here's my first toe dip into this year's Limited offering.  It's not too bad.  The card looks nice, there are a few parallels to chase and then there's a dual sided card with Zack Kassian (including a short print run auto version).

I decided to hold off on chasing these cards when the product first hit the shelves and I think the patience has paid off (once again).  I managed to pick up not just this copy for a nice price, but found a friend to have it shipped with.

2012/13 Panini Limited
#187 Captains Silver  /49

This silver parallel was up for grabs (listed by the same seller).  I was able to get both for less than the price I thought I'd be paying for the Silver copy alone.  I like that.  Add to it the combined shipping and it's a home run.

To top it all off, I won an auction over the weekend for a gold parallel /25 that was almost cheaper than the regular base version.  That's win-win-win all around.

I like collecting Linden when I can snag some sweet deals like that.
OK.....I like collecting Linden regardless (but I'm smiling lots today).

Go Flames!  What's the saying....."Stop your winnin', draft McKinnon"?

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