Sunday, May 12, 2013


In what was one of the most exciting trips.....quite frankly EVER, I have finally returned home and am frantically getting ready for returning to life as normal.

For the past week and a half I have been out in Toronto for one main reason - one of my best friends got married.  I was asked to be the MC (and was very honored by the request).

But with the wedding in TO came opportunity.  The Toronto Spring Card Expo just happened to be the weekend why not kill two birds with one stone.

I'll do my best to show off some of my fine goodies over the next week or so, but here are some of the highlights of my epic trip.

A case and a half of Canadiana (absolutely not planned...but oh so fun).

Two boxes of Ultimate Memorabilia 12.

About 10-15 new Linden additions.

Jays game (in which they won) on a picturesque Sunday afternoon.

Casinorama (where I won $450 bucks) and an amazing concert by guitar guru Joe Bonamassa.

Toronto/Boston Game 4 at the Air Canada Centre (I splurged big time for a ticket and it was totally worth it.  Leaf fans are absolutely bonkers.  Such an electric game....until the Bruins won in overtime.

The Hockey Hall Of Fame (give yourself at least 4 hours....I nearly ran out of time).

The CN Tower...when in Rome...right?

And to top it all off, one heck of a wedding.  A small group of family and friends, a great venue and an absolute hell of a time meeting some great people.

I'm tired and am going to bed.  I can't believe it's back to business tomorrow.


  1. There is nothing like playoff hockey in Toronto. I remember going to the game where Gilmour scored in double overtime against the Blues, the Gardens was electric.

    Sounds like you had a fantastic trip, and I'm looking forward to seeing the goodies you brought home.

  2. Sounds like a great trip! Can't wait to see the cards...