Sunday, August 18, 2013

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - This UM12 Chase Is Getting Ridiculous

There are times in my collecting life when things just seem to fall into place.  It's not that I go out looking for just happens.

Case in point - ITG's Ultimate Memorabilia 12th Edition.

When I started the quest in the spring, I knew there would be a tidy sum of Linden cards to chase.  Twenty-three cards in total (including a pair of redemption cards) would serve for a very tall task.  And while I feel very happy with my progress, I never would have imagined where I am at to this point.

I'm well over the halfway mark of 16 cards in hand, but that's not the incredible part.  FIVE of the 16 cards are 1/1's.


2012/13 In The Game
Ultimate Memorabilia 12th Edition
Draft Day Gold (w/ Modano & Selanne)  1/1

This beauty hit ebay a few weeks back and I immediately had a bead on it.  The other Linden collectors I know seem to have distanced themselves from the 1/1's from UM12.  I think it has to do with the fact that I am hoarding them (it wasn't planned that way).

With this fifth 1/1, I am left with just 3 1/1 cards remaining in UM12.  I know the whereabouts of one of them (and they are asking waaayyyy too much).  The idea of hitting the complete rainbow (all the cards from the release) is not only a possibility......but a high possibility.  Definitely more than any other product release I have encountered to date.

There's a lot that will have to happen still, but if the past few months have been any indication - there are a number of people looking out for me.

What a cool chase it's been.


  1. very cool. and those other two guys aren't bad either.

    can you believe one of them is still playing???

    1. If you would have asked me back in 1988...not a chance.

      10 years way.

      5 years ago....nope.

      Now? He'll play forever.