Saturday, August 10, 2013

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - One Of One...And Another One...Then One More

Another few weeks of slim pickings from the Linden front has created a nice lull in the roller coaster that is my player collection.  I'll fully admit that the lull is completely my doing.  I've passed over a number of low to mid-range cards simply because I know they will be out there for the taking at a later time.

The summer is always a tougher time for me and the hobby.  Work really takes over my June and July months and this year seemed to be a little more intensified.  In years past, I would panic a bit....thinking that I'd be "getting behind" in my pickups.

Now, it's just a little longer list to carry around.  No big deal at all.  In fact, having some of these "easier to find" cards has created situations where I've been able to trade for them.  And a good thing.

But before I get to a perfect example of patience, I'll give you a couple looks at the flip side of the coin.

With Linden being in a few more products over the past couple years and card companies doing their best to create some uber-rare chases (nice....but overdone), I've pulled the trigger on some bigger ticket cards.

My chase of the ultimate Ultimate rainbow is a perfect example.  Lots of 1/1 action.  So why stop there.

2012/13 Panini Limited
Back To The Future
#BTF KL Linden/Kassian dual auto Platinum  1/1

This was originally a redemption card that popped up on ebay.  With a couple other Linden collectors planning on passing on the piece, I decided to take a stab at it.  I love the fact that the 1/1 designation is on the Linden side.  Gives it more impressiveness to me.

While it was not the cheapest 1/1, I thought it was a nice, unique item to add to the collection.

Here's the actual front of the card (I know...I can't believe they put Trev on the backside).  Nice scribble Zack.

The card isn't that different from its regular /25 dual auto (maybe this card wasn't THAT unique after all).  But a dual auto/dual side card is kind of neat.

That...and I think the lull had me itching for a biggie.  Got it.

2013/14 Upper Deck Trilogy
Printing Plate
#95 Magenta Plate  1/1

Another 1/1.  This one was a bit of a surprise.  I'm one that puts these printing plates on equal strength as any other card on my wantlist.  Apparently there are many who don't put much weight on them.  I picked this up for well less than most of my 1/1's.  No complaining there.

Maybe it's the simplicity of the card.  It's just simply the plate (pretty thin and not much to it) with a sticker slapped on the back.

But it's one more off the list for me...and that suits me just fine.

I'd love to track down the other three plates.  I've seen somebody with all four do some photoshop magic and actually recreate the photo (colors are bang on).  I'd love to try it myself.

Lastly, I mentioned at the top of the post that I've been able to trade for some Linden cards of late.  To me, trading for a card that will go into my pc is the essence of the hobby.  And it's what I love hunting for the most.

My 15+ year search has put a pretty big sign on my back saying "If you have a Linden I need....I'll take it".

I received an e-mail from a fellow trade night regular flashing a card that fit the bill perfectly.  And while we are still hammering out the fine details of the trade (there's some "future considerations" on my part that still need to go his way), I'm proud to say that I've added another nice piece to the patch.

2013/14 Upper Deck Trilogy
# IS-TL Ice Scripts

This is a beauty of a card.  It's a thick, hard, clear plastic that is hard signed and has a nice photo on the front.  It's also Trev's first Ice Scripts card (so it had some additional appeal to me when I first saw them popping up).

My patience though paid off royally.  The first few copies were commanding $35-40 a card.  Once people realized that they're not as rare as people thought, the price plummeted.  Now, they can be had for under $10.

Free via trade?  Yes please.  Even better.

An odd observation of the card though.  I mentioned that it comes from the same set as the above printing plate.  That's from the 2013/14 Trilogy product (as noted on the back of the card).  On the back of the Ice Scripts card though says 2012/13 Trilogy.  Clearly a misprint.  I wonder if it's on all the Linden autos?  I assume so.  I also wonder if it's on all the other Ice Scripts cards?

Regardless, it's a trifecta of Linden goodness.  On the eve of yet more Lindens to be added to the list.  Things are raring up and I'm looking forward to another trip 'round in the roller coaster.

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