Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - Diving Into Decades

With ITG's Decades product now out for over a month, I can confidently say that the initial wave is over.

A lot of Linden cards showed themselves on ebay and for the most part I sat back and watched.  High price jersey cards that will soon go for a fraction of the price, big ticket cards that soared over the price I was willing to pay and the few base cards (does anyone actually sell base on ebay anymore?) lingering around.

I did pick up some cards though.  It wasn't a complete drought.  And actually, I think I'm making out quite well right now with putting a dent into the wantlist while remaining sane on the final dollar amount.

This game used jersey card is the silver parallel.  It's the ignored middle brother in the product.  While the black version (the most readily available) gets a lot of interest from set builders and the likes and the gold parallel is the rarest, most highly sought after, the silver version doesn't get much love - except from player collectors.

I was lucky enough to find a person selling one who must have thought the same thing.  He had it priced to go.  In fact, he had it priced lower than what I would have paid for on the black version.

I noticed he had opened quite a bit of the product so I asked if he had any of the Mask cards.  I ended up making a deal to get 8 cards tucked in with the Linden.


This jersey/auto black card was one I had my eye on for a few weeks as it sat unwanted on ebay.  A high Buy-It-Now price will do that.

The card isn't overly exciting to look at (sticker auto and plain white jersey) but it is limited to just 3 copies so the scarcity factor was what I was looking at.

Earlier in the week, I found out that another Linden collector picked up one of the other two out there.....and for how much.  Knowing that there were now only two left, I sprung into action.

I made an offer on the card quoting the other price and the fact that this card had a white jersey piece (which usually brings down the price).  It worked out and I made the deal for the card.

A couple days after paying for the card, I noticed one of his other auctions.  I made a quick inquiry and surprisingly, I walked away with another card.

This game-used patch card is the gold 1/1.  It's a nice looking card with a healthy swatch.  The four-color piece is what I would expect with a 1/1 and I'm glad ITG didn't disappoint.

I got it for a healthy market price so I can't brag about a sweet deal on this one.  But I think when combining it with the other Linden cards I've received so far from Decades 90s, I've made out ok.

That said, I've got a long ways to go.....but I'm not in any rush.


  1. nice. at least someone is still buying on ebay. I haven't even been on it in over a month at least

    1. My eBay purchasing has been a lot quieter of late. Trying not to let myself get overwhelmed with the current onslaught of new Lindens.