Thursday, March 13, 2014

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - Fleer....Let's Just Call It Yellow

Mailday!  Albeit a "one bubble envelope" haul.  But with a few new cards trickling in, it makes for a fun wrapper rip nonetheless.

I've been slowly knocking off some 1-2 year old mid-range Linden cards as the prices finally hit (what I consider to be) a reasonable amount.  My newest pc add is one that I'm really happy to knock off the list and snagged it for a fairly decent price.

2012/13 Fleer Retro
#24 1997/98 EX 2001 Essential Credentials Now  /24

DO NOT ask me where the heck that naming convention comes from.  I have absolutely no clue.  To's the yellow parallel and it's numbered to 24.

Not to be mistaken with it's pink counterpart.

This one is /19 and is called "Future" instead of "Now".  Again..... no clue.

But who am I to complain.  I actually like what Upper Deck did with this Fleer Retro product (from a player collector standpoint).  A base card (with one of the best photos I've seen on a Linden base), an autograph parallel (sadly.....a sticker auto), three EX inserts/parallels and a handful of other inserts (all on the lower-end/less expensive variety).

Nine cards in total (with one of them being a 1/1).  A reasonable wallet hit with some good chases.  What more can I ask for.

I'm down to just a couple cards to complete this product run.  I've seen many copies of each fly around but I'm playing the patience card.  Soon enough I'll do the final show & tell.

Really, if there's any beef to this product it's the off-the-wall names they give some of these cards.  I swear they just pull random names out of a hat and do a quick swip-swap and voila.

I prefer "yellow" and "pink".

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  1. aw yeah... the coloured parallel. Now try chasing 15 different ones. Yellow, pink, blue, orange, red, black, purple, camo, green, ........AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!