Wednesday, March 5, 2014

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - Three Scoops Of Vanilla

Trade deadline day has created not just a bunch of new photos for card photographers to chase, but a definite decline in work production this week for me.  LOTS of hockey talk.  I'm not complaining....but I'm sure my projects will be rearing their unfinished heads as early as tomorrow morning.

A lot of interesting storylines.  Luongo, St. Louis and the non-trade of Kesler being three of the bigger ones.  I'm curious to see which teams have positioned themselves best for a playoff run (hint....not Vancouver).

In addition to a flurry of trade activity, there has been a bit of an influx of bubble envelopes in the mailbox this week.  I like getting mail.  Bills....not so much.  But hockey cards....all day.

I opened a pair of envelopes which revealed three new Linden cards to the collection.  But check out these cards.  I didn't notice it until I saw them all together.

2013/14 Upper Deck Trilogy
#95 autograph

A lower-end sticker autograph card (in my opinion), I waited a while before pulling the trigger on one.  I paid a price that I was comfortable with and what I considered fair.  I didn't land a "steal" but I definitely didn't overpay.

Not much to the card itself.  A base card with a sticker slapped on essentially.  Meh.

2013/14 Upper Deck SP Game Used
#9 autograph

Second verse, same as the first.  A signature parallel of a base card with sticker slapped on.  This was another card that I had a dollar amount in my mind and was able to obtain it for that price.

Happy to knock it off the list.

2012/13 Upper Deck SP Authentic
#103 Limited autograph

Starting to see a trend here?  The only difference is that this card is hard-signed (the way these cards should be).  As a result, this piece commanded a bit more of a premium.  So much so that it was right at my maximum ebay bid.  I'm a little bummed that I didn't land this card for a sweet deal.....but c'est la vie.

Now....take a look at the three cards again.  Full body shot (coasting), cutout photo, white and gold background, minimal card design qualities, signature along the bottom.

I enjoy vanilla ice cream.....but not vanilla hockey cards.  These three cards reflect the occasional boring designs that can come from the hockey card world.  It probably wouldn't be as noticeable if I received the cards one at a time.  But seeing all three together leaves me just a little underwhelmed.

But, it's three off the list.  Can't complain there.  And it's just the start of what could be a very good month for the collection.  You'll definitely want to stay tuned.

Now.....I'm craving a bowl of ice cream.


  1. quit talking about food this late at night!

  2. I do appreciate the fact that Upper Deck managed to use 3 different uniforms on the cards.

    1. Yes. For sure. I would have cringed if UD used three of the same photo. Or three of Trev in the same jersey.

      Silver lining.

  3. Sometimes Vanilla is just the perfect amount of flavour! Glad to see some more Trevors popping out for you to chase and all three of those cards aren't hard to look at.