Saturday, April 12, 2014

BEHIND THE MASKS - Masked Men 4 Finished

Part of my big bulk ebay purchase a couple weeks ago included a number of Masked Men cards.  When I can pick them up for a buck a piece, I'll jump.

What I didn't realize at the time these came in were that they would finish off my Masked Men 4 set.  50 cards....and I've got them all now.

It's weird.  It's been a little while since I finished off a set.  Feels good.  Feels like I've accomplished something.

Shall we take a look at the final pieces of the puzzle?

Kirk McLean.  Can't go wrong here.  His simple skate logo mask was one of my favorites back in the 90's.  I'm sure my allegiance to the Canucks might have made my decision a little biased.

I've said it many times about these Masked Men cards....I love the die cut set.  I love that the regular (non-limited) set is the one that got the die cut treatment.  Not the silvers (which have become the "ignored middle brother" IMO) and not even the limited gold parallels were given the 10th anniversary cut.

Ok.....these Patrick Roy's were not a buck a piece.  But I didn't pay too much more to pick up this pair.

As for which mask is better....I'm going with the Montreal bleu, blanc et rouge.  It's just how I remember him from his playing days.

A trio of Toronto players with Reimer sitting at the bottom of the pile.  Sadly, much like his career has been going of late.

I don't see too much Eddie The Eagle cards with him as a Leaf.  Lots in Chicago (naturally), but many with Dallas and even some San Jose.  Nice to see him get some Toronto love.

The last on the list, and the card that finishes the set off, is this Scott Clemmensen beauty.

Scott has had a number of great masks in his career.  Forever a backup, I don't think he was ever really given a true shot at being a number one on a team.  It's a shame too because I think he could've done the job.

But that hasn't stopped him from donning some sweet masks.

And with that.....we have a completed set.  Woo hoo!!  And just in time too as the latest Between The Pipes product is coming up quick and it'll have Masked Men 6 ready to roll.

I'll be waiting - literally.

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  1. finished? son of a.......

    I still need Anderson, Mason, McLean and Roy.... dag nabbit.