Saturday, April 5, 2014

HHOF AUTOS - Three Chi's And A Bos

Trade night on Thursday and that means yet another opportunity to add to my HHOF Auto project.  And once was a smashing success.

It was a relatively quiet night.  I think it was partially because of the lack of new hockey product released.  About half the usual crowd showed up. But that's OK....any chance to talk shop is a good one.

My first trade brought to me a trio of Hawks.  And three of probably the best known Chicagonians... Chicagoites.... Chicawgans.... players.

Tony Esposito
(Inducted in 1988)

This is probably the nicest Tony O auto I've seen.  I love this set (as the Clark Gillies card in the project will attest).  Strong and sharp, it's exactly what I wanted to add to the signature set.

And the photo.....c'mon.  It's how I remember Esposito the best.  That unique hunch, clean fibreglass mask and the big #35 on the sleeve.  Simply awesome.

Denis Savard
(Inducted in 2000)

What a tremendous talent.  Overshadowed in the 80's by some guy named Wayne, Denis Savard carved his own path by being feisty, fierce and flashy.

The Savardian Spin-o-rama is something that still gets referenced to this day.  I remember watching some of his goals than thinking "Who else could pull that off?"  The answer - nobody.

I haven't really had the radar going on Savard autos, but I would think this one sits in the average pile.  A little sloppy when holding it up against some of his contemporaries, but still a nice overall card.

Better than having a sig of his in a Habs jersey (no offence)....Denis will always be a Hawk to me.

Bobby Hull
(Inducted in 1983)

Yeah.....this is a big one.

Hull's auto is legendary.  Instantly recognizable.  A little oversaturated in the open market, but when it comes to adding his name to the project - I'm holding the doors wide open.

I really like the look and design of this card too.  Just a great addition to the collection.  Hull's purposeful penmanship just finishes the card off perfectly.

Huge - HUGE add.

Cam Neely
(Inducted in 2005)

Now get along you guys.

Neely's induction into the Hall Of Fame I think opened the doors for a lot of other players getting consideration.  Here's a player that had his career severely shortened by injury, never won a Cup but basically redefined the phrase "power forward".

Do I think he's worthy of being in the Hall?  I'll leave that for another discussion.  All I know is that his name is on my wantlist, there was a card available and I was able to make a trade for it.

And I like the card.  The Trilogy Ice Scripts concept is one that I've focused on very little but always seems to be an eye-catcher to me.  The auto is just a little streaky, but more than adequate.

And speaking of his signature, what a unique looking stroke.  I've seen a lot of his cards with sticker autos on upside down.  I can see how that might happen.  Difficult to do with a hard signed offering....but I guess it could happen.

Four more for the pc which puts me a little closer to the halfway mark.  Still plenty of momentum.  I'm hoping that the struggle doesn't really hit until I'm well into the 80's.  Fingers crossed.

Current Collection - 42 HOF Autos

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  1. Nice Tony, you can never go wrong with Hawks HOF players