Tuesday, May 6, 2014

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - Two More That I'll Never Own

The Toronto Spring Expo came and went last weekend with little fanfare in my household.  It was one year ago that I made the trek out to T.O. to take in the show (along with a friend's wedding) and it's something I look forward to doing again one day.

One of the highlights of the show has been the redemption card programs put on by various companies.  Incentive to purchase and rip product at the shows.  I've taken part in it a couple times and it can really add value to your overall purchases.

This year I was anticipating a few new redemption cards to chase with the recent releases of ITG Game Used and Lord Stanley's Mug.  Sure enough, some have already popped up on ebay.

But there were a couple cards that hit the open market yesterday that had me shaking my head.

First off....these Badge Of Honor cards look very nice.  Shield pieces are so rare in the world of Trevor Linden cards (only two shields have been produced previously).  Add to it an autograph (not quite hard signed) and we are in business.

But the cards were made available to those only in attendance of a VIP event put on by In The Game.  Fair enough.  I knew my chances of ever hitting one of those in a box were few and far between....with far between being a long ways.

What I found interesting is that the two shield cards are in the possession of the same individual.  What are the odds of the same guy hitting both beauties?

To make matters worse (for me) is that his asking prices on the items are way.....WAY above what I would be willing to pay (or any of the other Linden collectors I know).  I'm talking three to four times as much.  The unrealistic price tag just pours salt in the wound.

The same seller has had a number of show redemption 1/1 Linden cards up on ebay for over a year at massively inflated prices.  Sitting in my watched items list, knowing that it'll be a cold day in.......well, you know.

So I thought I'd show off these cards here and now since it will be the one and only time that they will hit any sort of collectors eye.  I believe they will sit for eternity with the BINs as is.  In the hands of not a collector, but a seller.  And a VIP I guess.

But hey, what a guy wants to do with a card once he gets it is up to him.  It's a shame that two of the best Linden cards to "hit the market" in a long time have essentially been put on permanent display (and they had to be fuzzy scans too.......dang).

And people wonder why I have become a little de-motivated towards the hobby.


  1. ouch.
    I've felt your pain... although not to that degree....

    why would you waste a shield on a show card???

    1. See, I don't even think you could call it a show card. To me that would imply everyone has an opportunity to get it at the show.

      This VIP event....was it open to the masses? If not, then it's a card that was made for a certain demographic in mind.

      And that's not the everyday collector.

    2. In order to attend the Saturday night VIP party, you had to open approximate $4,000 worth of product at the ITG booth... yes, that is the number 4 followed by three more zeros.

      And for a certain eBay seller to have two of them, well this is just another example of the back-door shenanigans by the fine folks at In The Game.

    3. Yeah.....if the top cards of a player are only made available to certain collectors...er, individuals, only to see those cards then predictably placed up for grabs at ludicrous prices.......

      well, you get the picture.

    4. wow. Only to VIP's hey? With business practices like that, they'll likely go under or get bought out by some small company at that rate.

  2. Superb additions. I personally have NOTHING against show cards and love that they are sometimes looked down upon that way I can actually afford something cool.

    1. I would have loved to added these to the collection....but I'm reserved to the fact that I will never own either one.

      Don't get me wrong, I love show cards, redemption cards, etc. It's part of my completist attitude. But at least make the cards open to the masses and not just a very select group.

  3. Good luck getting them off this seller at a fair price. He does open up a lot of ITG product though. He has had a couple of Peter Forsberg 1/1 up on Ebay for quite a while at above market prices. He is not afraid to sit on them forever.

    1. I agree that he opens up a lot of product. And I have no doubt that he's going to sit on the pair of shields for quite some time.

      A shame since in sure he could care less about the cards other than the amount of $$$$ he can get for them.

      Which will be zero if he decides never to sell them. Makes no sense.

      But whatever.....I'm past it. They are noted in my list and crossed off.