Thursday, March 5, 2015

CONTEST - Do Not Drop The Gloves

Life is not a straight line (I know....deep).  We all tend to drift from one path to another - and sometimes back.  In the's all about having an exciting and enjoyable journey.

So where am I going with this?

Longtime blog supporter Casey over at The House Of Oglethorpe sent me an e-mail yesterday to just touch base and also let me know of a contest he is running.  Here is a link to his feed as well.

Casey used to write quite a bit about hockey cards under the blog Drop The Gloves.  But a couple years back he drifted and evolved his blog to what you see now.  In "The House", you will now see many different sections, including his still living hockey blog.  Living, but not too active....which is totally cool.

And that was part of Casey's note to me.

He is currently holding a contest......but wants to get the word out.  And he's not sure how many bloggers out there are aware of these changes to his site.  So I'm here to help.

Here is a link to the contest post.  For some reason, it has not yet updated on my blogroll (no wonder I didn't catch it).  Odd.

Take a moment to read it and if you feel inclined.....enter.  Contests are fun.

Thanks Casey for the contest and also for dropping me a line to touch base.  It was great hearing from you again.


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