Tuesday, March 24, 2015

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - Small Victories

It was just over a week ago that I proclaimed my lack of ebay pickups so far this calendar year.  I also mentioned that I had just pulled the trigger on some new adds.

Two of them hit the mailbox today.

And while neither of them might be the jaw-dropping 8-color mega patches that would stop traffic and start the parade, these new additions to the collection are a pair of very welcome visitors.

2014/15 Upper Deck
25th Anniversary 1990/91 Buyback
#480 All-Star  /25

This card comes from Series II of Upper Deck's flagship product.  And it balances out the buyback placed in Series I (Linden's regular UD card from 90/91......but autographed).

The silver foil stamp is the only thing differentiating this card from the plethora of knock-offs that Captain Canuck is fudging up with his blue sharpie.

I had been keeping my eye on this card since the first couple showed up on ebay.  The signed card from Series I has been fetching a fair penny, but these non-signed versions (of all players) have been lukewarm at best.

I caught things on a lucky lull and paid less than the going rate.  For a card numbered to just 25 copies, I'm thrilled to cross it off the wantlist.

2014/15 O-Pee-Chee
Marquee Legends Retro
#563 blank back

Now this card might not blow anyone away either, but the moment I saw it pop up on the open market....I attacked pretty aggressively.


That's why.

Blank back cards have been my nemesis for years, going all the way back to 2008/09.

It was the first year that OPC dod the retro variations and I was excited to see Linden get the "Gretzky RC" treatment.  In addition to the regular retro card, there was a rainbow parallel numbered to 100 and the dreaded blank back.

In the seven years since......I've never seen a copy.

I'm starting to question its existence.

So when Upper Deck reintroduced him into this year's OPC product, you could guess my level of anxiousness when it came to the blank back chase.

It was a few months, but up popped an auction that if you weren't paying attention - you'd miss.  In fact, when I e-mailed another Linden collector to see if he was going to bid on it, his response was "I didn't even see it until you pointed it out to me".

I like that.

I think a lot of people missed the blank back description as (part of a 3-card blank back lot) I won the auction for far less than anticipated.  In fact, I might be able to recoup my entire purchase when moving the other two cards.

Win - win.

Two more off the list, none to be added (although I'm anticipating him being added to ITG's latest....and last release as a sole ITG product - Superlative Vault...more on that release later).

And I've got just a couple months left before I shut things down for the summer.  While it's been a slower go in 2015, I can't complain about the fun I've been having and the involvement in the hobby I still get each month.

Like I said.....small victories.


  1. dang it, we don't talk about those kind of things in public!

  2. Nice pickups! Blank backs are always fun. I'm never sure how to display them in photo galleries, lol. Do you show the font and just say what it is or the back and just say what it is, or some combination of both?