Sunday, May 31, 2015

HHOF AUTOS - Mats Sundin

I was able to add to the slowly growing Hall of Fame autographs project at the last trade night I attended.

Looking at the list of players I still need signatures from I knew that hitting the 100-card mark wouldn't be a problem.  The only question would be "How long will it take"?  At the rate I'm going.....a good decade or two.

But slow and steady wins the race.  And when you're not buying any of the cards - only trading for them - it makes for a truly enjoyable quest.

Case in point, the following card.

Mats Sundin
(Inducted in 2012)

To know that this card came from a Mats Sundin/Toronto Maple Leafs collector only adds to the thrill of adding this to the project.

The scan is horrible on this card and believe me, the signature is very visible and quite solid considering it's on a very shiny finish.

This card comes from a day when In The Game had an NHL license and could therefore show team logos.  While it was only a little over a decade ago, it feels like a lifetime.  I miss those days.

It's weird to start seeing players that I saw come into the league, have long and incredible careers and then get the call to the Hall.  Makes me feel a little old.  There was a time when it was just guys like Howe, Richard, Hall and Horton.  Now it's Bure, Blake, Shanahan and Sundin.

And while an auto is an auto for the project, there will be some names that just have a greater meaning to me in the collection.  This Sundin is one of them....not because of who he is, but because of who I got the card from.

Current Collection - 64 HOF Autos

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