Tuesday, May 12, 2015


It's been a bit of a slow week hobby-wise for me.  I've kept my eye on a number of auctions, but have passed on pretty much all of them.  Prices just don't feel right.

But every once in a while one pops up with all the stars aligned.  And when the bidding is all said and done, sometimes you win one.

And in this case it was a nice addition to a miserable release.  (OK....that might be a little over-dramatic).

2014/15 Upper Deck Artifacts
Gold Spectrum Material
#31 Patch/Patch  /15

I'm happy with any card numbered to 15 that I can grab for what I feel is a good price.

A couple of interesting patches on it though.  I couldn't put my finger on it until I saw the card up close.

Doesn't look like Canuck colors.  And it's got some unique stitching too.

I think it looks like a CCM patch.

Thoughts anyone?

With this card I'm almost halfway through the parallel hell of Artifacts for the 14/15 release.  I now have 9 of 19 cards put out in the product.  A couple of them are easy pickings, so I'm not in a rush.  All the others?  Well, let's just say this /15 was the easiest of those.

Not a race.  Not a race.  Not a race.


  1. is that black with silver?

    could be a memorial patch? did Linden play when they had the BABE memorial patch???

  2. Can't figure out what that patch it. The babe patch was worn back in the gold days. The previous card like this u posted had the old ccm logo on it which makes me think it's from 1998 . These jerseys had the NHL all star game patch on them. This isn't that. Very confused

    1. Based on the most recent Artifacts card I picked up, I am convinced it is from the CCM tag. Which would make this card a tag/tag as opposed to a patch/patch right?

      Ha ha.