Sunday, May 10, 2015

WALLET CARD - Disaster!!!!

It was a disastrous afternoon.  A chain of events that led to an unfortunate incident.

The results......ugly.  Too much for some to handle.

Warning - the following photo may be disturbing to some hobbyists.

Simply put, this is what happens when your wallet (housing the above #WalletCard) is placed in the washing machine.

The story goes.....

Jar of salsa smashes on the ground.  Salsa everywhere.  Salsa on pants.  Wallet in pants (but forgotten about due to said salsa).  Pants go to washing machine.  Pants get washed.  Wallet gets washed.

Salsa gone.  #WalletCard gone.

Other than my wallet being a write-off, this was the only other item to take on any real damage.  All my credit cards and such are plastic.  All my money is some freak kind of waterproof indestructible material.  coins...good.

Just poor ol' Oscar.

I let him dry out and now he's super brittle.  I don't know if it's possible to salvage this copy - but believe me I'll try.

If not, I'll be on the search for a new copy.  I need #WalletCard

Actually, what bothers me more is the fact that this card was given to me as a gift and had meaning to me even before this year and the advent of #WalletCard.

Down......but not out.


  1. Bummer. On the bright side... you've just got to look really hard... this card has a great story behind it. And if there ever was a card with character... this would be it.

    1. This is true. If I can in some way get this card up and going again, it would make for quite the story.

      Heck, not even half way through the year and it already has a fun story.

  2. that card needs one of those early 90's 2 inch Lucite screw down holders now.
    I bet I have one somewhere.....

    new experiment. I bet if you run that wallet through the wash again with a 2015 topps base card, that card will be virtually unscathed.