Saturday, December 12, 2015

RAISE THE CUP - A Moment To Celebrate

It's been a slow go on the Cup Raisers front.  Just two new cards to add to the collection.  Truth be told, I haven't really been trying lately.  These ones just happened to pop up in front of me and I pulled the trigger.

note: I found a couple more at the monthly show today......ok, Captain Canuck found a couple - for me.  I'll show them off soon.

But that's what I love about this project.  I can go at my own pace - or no's just a fun set to add to and look at every once in a while.

2005/06 Power Play
Cup Celebrations
#120 Martin Brodeur

These Cup Celebration cards that are part of the Power Play sets are really nice.  I've got a couple others from the following year (I think a Lemieux and Modano) but this Marty is the first from the 05/06 season.

I really should do my homework and see just how many cards I can chase from these sets.

It was a great add that I saw, once again, at the big card show back in October.  Courtesy of one of the local card shops - Maple Leaf Sports.

It's been fun going to Darren's shop for trade night each month.  I'm really fortunate to have some good card stores in the city (even if his is a solid half hour drive).  He's tops at keeping an eye out for any Lindens I might need too.  Gotta like that.

Thanks Darren!

2014/15 Upper Deck SP Authentic
All-Time Moments
#190 Chris Chelios

Another nice card coming in from a good subset.  Once again, I should really check out how many of these All-Time Moments cards have Lord Stanley's Mug being raised.

This Chelios offering comes from another great shop in the city - Eastridge Hobbies.  And once again, they put on a great trade night each month.

I really am spoiled when it comes to what this hobby has to offer locally.

Doug and Mikey keep things pretty chill at their trade nights and I love the crazy topics that are sometimes discussed.

They too keep an eye out for this long-time Linden collector.  And it's really appreciated.

Thanks guys!

When I think about it, having these trade nights to go to, knowing that there are good shops in town and having a steady card show each month gives me many great options when it comes to participating in this hobby locally.  Not to mention the numerous fellow collectors that really make this card collecting world of mine a special one.

OK....enough gush.  I've added two more cards to the binder.  Woo hoo.

Current Collection - 123 cards

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  1. Nice pickups! That Chelios is pretty sweet. Can't believe its been over 7 years since that happened.