Friday, February 19, 2016

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - This Stick Does Not Work

I hate that my scanner crapped out.  It really doesn't owe me anything as I've had it for well more than 10 years.  It's been a solid workhorse and I knew that one day she'd be done.  That doesn't make it easier.

So bear with me and my subpar cameraphone pics for a while.

My Linden card collecting (as mentioned in my last post) has all but dried up.  On the market these days are a lot of the same ol' stuff.  My watchlist has rarely changed over the past few has the ridiculous prices being asked for some of these cards.

If something comes up that I need, I keep an eye on it.  More to just see if the items sells (and if so...for how much).  I've thrown a bid up here and there but really with no huge weight behind it.  Like I said, the dollar is just horrible right now.  A $30 card is going to set me back almost double that.  Not worth it.  Most of the time.

I did make one exception over the past few weeks.

Trevor Linden has been inserted into a number of products over the past few years.  In fact, it got to the point where the word "overkill" could've easily been used.  But lately his appeal seems to have died down.

Unless you are a brand named Leaf.

He's been constantly inserted into new products....and at a very high ratio.

Take one of the newest releases - Stickwork.  Thirty-five cards added to the master wantlist.


Most are 1/1 printing plates or 1/1 parallels which just makes me shake my head.  In fact, the most common Linden card on the checklist is numbered to 30 copies.

Really?  Who is this product geared towards?  Certainly not the player collector.

note: I just saw the checklist for Leaf Ultimate and the first few cards have hit the market. More of the same except they have sticker autos.  Stickers auto are BUNK.  Especially when you then limit the print run to 30. La-la-la-lame!!!

But I have kept my eye open and have snagged a couple of the easier cards (but only because the price was right) and one tougher pickup.

2015/16 Leaf In The Game Stickwork
Stick Rack Trio
#SR3-22 Linden/Oates/Gilmour Silver  /5

With just five copies of this tough parallel made I decided to put an offer in on the card.  It was agreed to and shipped off.  It's now sitting in my collection and.....well, that's that.

It's really not that much of an exciting card to look at.  Bland stick pieces (for such a low-numbered parallel), only Linden gets his photo shown (since Leaf can't get the rights to Oates or Gilmour I'm guessing) and the stick pieces inside the window just look slapped in upon close inspection.

You can see why I'm excited about Linden collecting these days.  Slim pickings.

But I've always felt that the chase is more fun than the capture so that's what I'm choosing to focus on.  It's not a race and I'm fully aware of the ebbs and flows this hobby provides.

Hopefully there's a little more flow coming down the pipe.

(That sounded horrible)

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