Sunday, March 20, 2016


To say that it's been a slow go in terms of my Trevor Linden collecting so far in 2016 would be an understatement.  A quick check on ebay shows that I have only pulled the trigger on four cards since January 1.  In previous years I've been known to pick up at least that many cards (if not more) each and every month.

Part of it is the economy, part of it is the price that people are asking on these cards but mainly it's just the lack of excitement that a lot of new releases generate.

Case in point....the most recent In The Game Used product put out by Leaf.

Close to 40 Trevor Linden cards were inserted into the money grab of a release with many of them being simple color parallels that are numbered ridiculously low.

Out of the 40 cards, two are numbered higher than 25.  TWO CARDS.  One is /45 and the other /55.  The rest are /25, /20, /15, /5, /3 and a whole crapload of 1/1s.

I truly don't understand why a company would put this many cards of a particular player in a product....and then pump out another product soon after with just as many cards of that player in it.

Do they think I've got endless pockets?

Anyways, this is why I don't chase like I used to.  Instead, I wait....and wait....and wait.  I wait for the price to come down so low that I feel it's about as low as it will ever go.  Only then will I consider buying it.

Yup....there are a lot of new Linden cards that will never see the light of day in my collection.  And I'm perfectly fine with that.

2014/15 Leaf In The Game Used
#GUA-TL2 Game-Used Auto/Mem. Gold  /15

This card looks just like its silver counterpart except this one is gold in foil and is numbered to 15 instead of 40.  It really isn't that exciting of a card and the price I paid reflects that.

Even at $13us I still feel like I overpaid.  But I think the lull in Linden pickups made me cave slightly and "splurge" on myself.

I'm really not that excited to add this (kinda sad to say) but I do know one thing....there are much more exciting finds that I'm looking forward to show off in the near future.

I guarantee it.  :)

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