Saturday, November 5, 2016

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - Card Show Pickups

After a nice relaxing day puttering around the house (in anticipation of a busy couple weeks at work) I decided to sit down and watch the Leafs/Canucks matchup.


So I figured that while I was watching the late game (Flames/Kings) I'd share some of my Linden pickups from last weekend's big card show.

Three new cards to add to the collection and the common theme with them all is that I didn't discover any of them myself.  It's nice to know that there are collectors out there who keep an eye out for me.  It's very much appreciated.

First up, this great jersey/stick piece from this season's UD Artifacts release.  Numbered to just 25 and with a nice looking stick piece, I was summoned over to another vendor's table to see the goods that a collector brought by.

I was immediately interested.

Not knowing what they went for in the open market, both the owner of the card and myself were a bit stumped as to what it should warrant.  I asked politely if I could do a bit of research so I could make a fair offer.

A quick peek on eBay at past sales and we quickly came to an agreement.  He was happy with the price (which I felt was very fair) and I was thrilled to add this card - my first Linden Artifacts card of the 2016/17 collecting season.

This Sega Genesis card......I mean Leaf Genesis is an eight-jersey common.  I mean, there are a lot more of these types of cards out there since the days of the Parkhurst True Colors team jersey cards.

But when a collector noticed it in a box (on a table I had yet to peruse) he immediately hollered at me to check it out.

I'm glad I did.  The seller was firm on his price and it was a fair ask.  Numbered to just 35, this is the most common of Franchise Legacy cards out there.  Hoo boy.

Actually, I'm glad to knock it off the list.  Any time I can add a Linden card like this locally it's a victory.  I don't know if I would have pulled the trigger so quickly on it had it been online.

Interesting note on this's considerably shorter than the Artifacts card above.  Noticeably shorter.  As would shift a bit in a one-touch holder.  Not sure if it's a miscue or what.  Anyone else notice this with your Sega Genesis cards?

Oh yeah.  This one is huge.  And I laughed when I was handed it.

A fellow collector popped by my table and calmly tossed it my way.  A gift.  He wondered why I was laughing.  He must not have read my post from last year's show.

I was really happy to add the white jersey piece to the collection.  I tend to collect the different color jersey pieces from Upper Deck flagship sets.  I like the way they look.  And this Linden jersey card really looks sharp.

So I did what only felt right.  I went back the next day with the extra blue jersey piece, in the identical holder I was given the day before, and handed the card back to him.  An upgrade in his mind and a correction on a mistake made a year ago.


I did pick up a fourth card but I don't want to show it as it's off in the mail to someone else.  I'm excited to get his reaction when he receives it.

So it was a simple Linden haul at the card show but one thing I've learned over the years is that Simple is better than none.

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