Saturday, March 4, 2017

OUTSIDE THE BOX - 1975 Topps Minis

There's an antique show that runs in my city every six months that has slowly become a staple for me, my mom and my niece (and sometimes nephew) to check out.  I love the fact that there's an event out there where three generations of people can go and enjoy a day out and maybe find some treasures.

I am always keeping an eye out for one seller in particular who always seems to have some neat sports stuff.  He used to work for the local media here in town and has things like photo sheets, slides, yearbooks, media guides and posters.  This past show he had a box full of gorgeous hockey pucks - game issued from the late 1970's.  Oh....if I only had the money, I would have bought them all.

But he did have something that I couldn't stop thinking about and finally decided to take a chance on.

1975 Topps Minis........about 300 of them.

Man is this set ever beautiful.  The colours, fonts and crisp looking backs make this one of the all-time great sets.

I was ho-humming about snagging them because....well, simply put I just don't know a lot about them. What's a good price?

So I tried my best to do a little research.  Sometimes not knowing is can make a little lower offer and just say "Hey......I'm taking a flyer on this".

I think this will pay off though.

BAM!!  What a great card.  Sure it's no George Brett rookie card.....but a Gary Carter is no slouch.

Man does he ever look young in that pic.  I guess that's why they called him "The Kid".

It's in decent shape and I'm just thrilled to have found this in the lot.

How about a Nolan Ryan?  Dude is just legendary.

This one again is in really nice shape.  Great colours and the backs are just spot on.

Ryan's highlight card is a little more rough.  Way miscut and a little softer on the edges.

But's Nolan.

Reggie!  Reggie!  Reggie!

I love this card.  The batting helmet, the green and gold, the colours on the card - awesome.

Another one that is in really nice shape.

Johnny Bench is a player I wish I got to see play in his prime.  I don't think I fully have come to appreciate just how good he was.  He's like the Bobby Orr of baseball for me.  Just a few years before I was aware of him.

Look at that background.  Man they don't make cards like this anymore.

I really like the shot of this Steve Carlton too.  Empty seats galore.  Makes me laugh because where I work, using any sort of footage with empty seats is such a no-no.

I just realized the facsimile autos on these (yeah....I'm slow).  These look even better now.

Checklists might be boring....but not unmarked ones from the 70's.

This one is a little diamond cut but is still in solid shape.

Second verse same as the first.  I like this one even more to be honest.

So.......what's a good price on the lot?

I paid $40cdn for all of them.  Did I do good?  I feel as though I'll be able to make a little on them down the road.  For now, I'm happy to just have them part of my collection.

Oh....I almost forgot.

The best find of the day at the antique show....

You might have to be my age or older to be impressed by this.

An Archie Bunker Grandson doll.

Who's buying this?  I don't know how many 5-year-old girls would be watching All In The Family back in the day.

"Physically Correct Male"????  Ok.

Classic!!!!  An no.....I did not buy it.  (although I wonder if I should have)


  1. My favorite set of all-time! You did good. That Ryan is in great shape. ... I don't think I have any doubles, but if I do I can send you a few.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the gesture but not necessary. I plan on moving these to others over time. Not planning on building the set.


  2. Awesome find on the 75 minis. You'll easily be able to make your money back on them.