Sunday, October 4, 2009


I love hockey photography. I also love seeing some of the amazing design templates card companies come up with for their hockey sets. That said, some are duds.

A few years ago, on one of the hockey trading boards out there, one of the members organized a hockey card designing contest. I had never thought of designing my own card, but I was really interested in seeing what I could come up with.

kovalchuk_my first custom

It may have taken hours, but this was my first custom card design - and I was proud of it. Looking back, it's not as impressive to me, but I still like it. That card though was the first step into the world of custom card designing.

Since then, I have dabbled in designing my own cards - coming up with new set ideas, thoughts of sending cards through the mail to get autographed and maybe even setting up a side business designing cards for local minor hockey teams.

Lots of ideas, lots of customs to create, but I just never have followed through with doing it. I would just dabble in it as a hobby and have fun with it. I was (and still am) worried that putting too much time into it might make it feel like work.

I do plan on making more cards - one of the reasons I started this blog. I feel I have figured out ways to make the designing aspect of it quicker and easier to me. We shall see.

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