Monday, October 5, 2009


Call me crazy, but there's nothing better than spending $10 on a book full of player stats, spending endless hours reviewing websites and convincing yourself that Doug Weight still has some usefulness.

I love hockey pools. And not the ones where you just pick 20 players and everyone and their dog chooses Ovechkin, Malkin, Crosby and the likes. No, to me the only pool to do is "the draft".

Yes it may take 5 hours before people finally pick their "sleeper", but what else have you got to do that day anyways?

Nothing makes me happier than picking a player and then hearing the groans of frustration knowing you just snagged a pick that someone else had lined up.

This year, I'm in only one pool. There were 7 of us and I got the #3 pick. Most of you would probably love to pick in the top 3 - but not me. I wanted no part of Sidney Crosby. I just have a gut feeling that he won't even finish near the top of the charts.

To my shock, I had Evgeni Malkin staring at me in the face come my pick. Done!

We decided to pick 14 forwards, 5 defencemen and 3 goalies. My next pick would be a d-man and with goals counting as 2 points, I got the best one in the litter. Mike Green. Done!

Goalies went fast and furious. 5 tenders before I decided to snag one - and I got Brodeur. He's getting older, but I think he'll be a strong pick if he can stay healthy. Done!

Here are all of my picks...I like my team. There were a couple times when I cringed after picking, but everyone else seemed to be cringing more than me.

E. Malkin (PIT) F
M. Green (WAS) D
H. Zetterberg (DET) F
M. Brodeur (NJ) G
R. Nash (CBJ) F
V. Lecavalier (TB) F
S. Niedermayer (ANA) D
D. Alfredsson (OTT) F
M. Streit (NYI) D
R. Miller (BUF) G
R. Whitney (CAR) F
S. Doan (PHX) F
J. Pomminville (BUF) F
J. Franzen (DET) F
S. Stamkos (TB) F
L. Eriksson (DAL) F
P. Sharp (CHI) F
J. Liles (COL) D
S. Varlamov (WAS) G
T. Selanne (ANA) F
M. Lombardi (PHX) F
J. Corvo (CAR) D

I'll keep you in the loop on how I'm doing. Wish me luck!


  1. Old man Brodeur is a lame duck this season. he was shaky last year and he's continuing down a path to get himself traded to Toronto if he keeps this up.

  2. While Brodeur is not the goalie he once was, I think he can still finish in the mid-30's for wins.

    With goalies like Kiprusoff, Luongo, Nabokov, Thomas and Fleury already gone, I felt I took the best available guy.

    I was hoping for a hot start since he wants to get that all-time shutout record.

    Of course 2 games into the season and Ray Emery looks like the better man, but the season is 82 games.

    Let's hope Marty gets his act together.