Monday, October 5, 2009


Now I don't normally buy boxes of hockey cards. I don't normally buy packs of cards at all. But every once in a while I get the urge to "bust some wax". When I do, I'll let you know.

Here's a release from In The Game that I have been anticipating since I first heard they were producing it.

ITG conducted a poll on their website a while back asking collectors what type of set should be produced. The winner - 1972: The Year In Hockey.

It includes a 200-card base set with a design that pays hommage to the 1971/72 OPC (a beauty if you ask me). Players from the NHL, WHA and the Summit Series are all included. The player selection definitely spans the spectrum. From the all-time greats, to guys who make you say "who dat?"

The inserts included in 1972 are a plenty as well. Game used memorabilia, autographs (hard signed as opposed to stickers), cut signature cards commemorating the year in sports, music, television, movies and politics.

My favorite inserts are those of the mask variety. Masked Men is a continuation of the great mask inserts from previous products and years. The twist on these obviously is that the masks are of the vintage variety. Finally!! Someone has put these gorgeous masks on the front of trading cards! Sadly, there are only 10 mask cards in the insert set. Let's hope this is only the beginning for future releases.

As you can see from my box, I got some decent hits. Who doesn't get excited from a hard-signed Bart Crashley card? Who is Bart Crashley? Oh well, the Cheevers more than makes up for it. The Billy Smith two color jersey card is quite nice too. And though the card design looks sharp, it is a huge scream out as to the limitations ITG has when it comes to producing cards. Imagine that same card with a full body shot of Smith robbing someone of a sure goal (or maybe hacking someone down from in front of his net). Either or, it would make for a far superior card.

The Summit Series inserts are a nice touch and really - how can you do a 1972 set without mentioning the greatest series in the history of hockey. Kudos for that.

The Villemure mask card is sweet, but I was really hoping for more than one in my box. Anybody got any to trade?

Overall, it was not a bad break. If I were a set collector - this would be a fun and worthwhile break. Since I'm not, I've got a lot of traders.

3.5 masks out of 5


  1. those are pretty sweet cards considering their limitations.

  2. I'm looking for former Olympian Frank Sanders card, he played for the MN Fighting Saints. Is he in there?

  3. Hello,

    No, unfortunately he isn't.

    The only card he has that I know of is the 1972/73 Minnesota Fighting Saints postcard WHA #21. I've never seen one (though I've never looked) so I don't know how readily available it is.

    Check ebay - that would be my best advice.