Thursday, November 12, 2009


Uno anyone?

This week's Trevor Linden card was a recent find - and came as a pleasant surprise for me. Nothing like picking up a card for your collection when you weren't even looking for it.

2007 Uno Blue #4

A trip to London Drugs scored me this Linden card. I had known about the NHL doing Uno card games featuring the various teams (not sure how many different teams - I've only seen Calgary and Vancouver).

Originally, I was scrounging around the internet trying to get some information on the release. No luck. I figured I would just not include them in my collection.

That was until I spotted the card set on the store shelf. I was just wandering by....not specifically looking for it or anything. I knew instantly that card game was coming home with me.

And if things couldn't get better, the set was on sale - reg price was $12, I got it for $5. YES! (fist pump)

Did I mention that thing s get even BETTER. Sure enough, Linden was in the set - not once, but 4 times. Fantastic!

Oh wait, did I mention it gets EVEN MORE BETTER. They have a second set of cards with a picture of him on it. That's 8 cards to add to my Linden collection. What a haul! Way to go London Drugs.

Oh yeah, it guessed it - even better. There are 2 of every card in the set. So I have a double of every Linden card. Add to that, the Luongo, Sedins, Kesler...I got good value for my $5. In fact, I could probably make a buck or two if I sold the cards. Wonderful.

While the cards are nothing special in terms of design, they have a great story that will forever stay with my collection.

That's what I like about this hobby.

Thanks for the look.

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