Wednesday, November 11, 2009


For a while now, I've been going to card shows, perusing ebay, checking out trading boards and sticking my nose in the odd store or two - all in the search for hockey cards to satisfy my obsession.

Increasingly, I have been hearing of frustration or disappointment or even threats of this and that.

It appears that some people have certain expectations of this hobby and they are clearly not being met.

While I'm all for being constructively critical when it comes to the issues released, quality control, redeeming cards, having trades mailed out to you and so on, I've got to say that people need to realize that this is not the world of 'let's cater to you and only you'.

If people aren't happy with the hobby, if people aren't happy with their collection, if people aren't happy with prices, if people aren't happy with service, then take a step back. And in some cases - back all the way out.

Unrealistic expectations with this hobby just make me shake my head. Clearly some people see the hockey card industry as more than just a hobby. Some people see it as a money making venture. I've learned early that the majority of us will not succeed in making a considerable profit in the long run. I get frustrated by people who see this industry as a way to make a quick buck and then get out.

And they're the ones who want this and want that. Give me a break.

People who sell, can set whatever price they want. People who buy, have the option of either purchasing, passing or proposing a deal. What is so hard with that concept for some people to understand.

I'm not a big fan of seeing cards I want sitting with outlandish price tags on them only because they know that I want it. News flash - I don't need it THAT BADLY. I won't compromise the boundaries I have set for my collecting. That's why I still thoroughly enjoy collecting. I am the one in control of my collection.

I have my expectations - and I don't think they are unrealistic.


  1. Well said, Brett. Collecting cards, even in our scaled-back efforts, should be all about having fun.

  2. I don't understand why anyone would want to collect something (anything) if it doesn't bring them some sort of enjoyment,!