Monday, February 22, 2010

Custom Creations: FA Authentic debuts

Well, I've been sitting on these creations for a number of months now and I'm ready to show them off.

I've been thinking of ways to expand on my collection recently. I've been drawn to the non-sport aspect of this hobby and have really seen some amazing releases over the past few months. What really caught my eye though was the autograph cards in these products.

It inspired me to develop a few of my own. The goal is to send them off through the mail (TTM) in hopes of getting them signed. It has the potential of being an inexpensive way of adding some real nice pieces to my collection.

I call the set "FA Authentic". FA stands for Flashback Autograph. I'm looking at getting signatures from celebrity and sport stars that were "big" back in the late 70's and the 80's (when I was a kid). People that were at the forefront of pop culture at the time as well as those who really bring back great memories.

The first card I decided to create was the result of a magazine article I did last year. I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Fred "Curly" Neal of the Harlem Globetrotters. At the time, he asked me if I had any of his more recent cards (the ones with autographs on them). Searching ebay and the likes, I realized that his cards demand a pretty hefty price tag.

So, I decided that I would send him the next best thing - a custom card that he can autograph and keep in his collection.

I decided to add the back of the card :)

The day I finalized this design was the day that I knew this venture would be an exciting and successful one - even if I don't get a single autograph.

I'm really happy with the way the card turned out.

I plan on sending a couple cards out to him along with a copy of the magazine article for him to keep. I'm excited that this card is the first in my new set.

What can I say - he was the second guy I thought of when I thought about the 80's.

That - and with a new A-Team movie coming out, I thought it'd be cool to get an original.

I pity the fool who makes fun of my card!

Last one for this go-around is another original.

Marc Singer was the star of one of my favorite shows in the 80's.....V.

The remake that came out late last year was not even close to matching the intensity and drama of its predecessor.

I'm currently putting packages together for all 3 and am hoping to send them off in the next couple weeks. Rule #1 is - have proper return postage on your SASE. I'm having some US stamps mailed to me at this moment.

I'll be making more cards for this set and will be keeping track of my successes.

Should be fun!


  1. Those are awesome. I almost didn't believe you created them. They look like a regular card release. Great job!!

  2. These are really amazing! Topps/Upper Deck should hire you as an consultant. I'm a big fan of auto cards that provide a nice space for the signature. I like that you washout the colours where the signature would be.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

    I remember my first thought when I finished the Curly Neal card. I thought "This looks real". That's the goal of all the cards I create.

    I too am a big fan of making space for the autograph rather than cram it in. Now if only the signers will place their sig in the right spot....should be obvious.

    Thanks again.