Sunday, February 7, 2010

Custom Creations: Gilles Gilbert

Well, I'm just getting ready to watch the Super Bowl, but I thought I'd share my latest creation.

Another cut-auto to go with the others I have put together.

This one was tough. I must have tried a dozen or so looks and templates, but nothing looked right. I was also struggling because the autograph was so close to a couple others that I didn't have a lot of extra cutting space.

In the end, I decided to cheat and put a little bit of spare paper in to cover a gap. It's hardly noticeable and the result is a better looking card.

I'm getting a little better with the die-cutter, but cutting out the spot where the autograph sits is still really tough. Fourth time was a charm this go around.

I'm mailing off the four cards I have done and I know the recipient is eagerly awaiting. I'm excited to get his feedback.

Anyways, enjoy the big game. I predict Indy 27-21 (they'll comeback in the second half).


  1. Thanks guys. I was glad to get past the "writer's block" on this one.

    I'm feeling a little more confident with these customs.

    I'll keep posting them when finish more.

  2. holy. crap.

    that's one sweet card! and one of my favourite subjects.

    dude, that's awesome.

  3. That is the coolest card yet. I love the design. Simple, but very eye catching and clean. Plus, the photo rocks. Great job.

  4. nice job brother! i can't imagine a better design. where did you find the picture...its pretty sweet, too.

  5. Google is my friend! I was hoping to find a photo of him where his mask had all the stars on it, but I could only find one decent black and white.

    I used it on the back of the card.

  6. The best I've seen of your creations so far