Monday, July 19, 2010

TTM SUCCESS - Betty White

It's been a week of exciting maildays.

Today, I got home and noticed that I received my first TTM autograph request return envelope in my mailbox.

I was thrilled to find that my Betty White 'FA Authentic' card made it there and back relatively unscathed.

BETTY WHITE - Actress (The Golden Girls)
Date Sent: May 11, 2010
Items Sent: 2 custom cards (FA Authentic)
Date Received: July 19, 2010
Notes: both cards signed and returned; not well packaged in return and ended up slightly damaged

The only part that mildly bummed me out was that the packaging was not used properly. I had the cards in a snap case and then in a team bag. She tried to put the cards in the team bag and then the snap case.

She couldn't get it closed, so she used elastic bands to keep it secure.

Sadly, both cards arrived with creases on the one side. Not terrible as they can be carefully bent back into shape, but it's something I will have to look into for future TTM's.

I scanned only the one card as it is the better signature of the two.

Pretty exciting stuff. Now I'll need to find some more time to do more customs (as it has been pretty much non-existant lately).

Thanks Betty!


  1. That is beyond awesome! Congrats on the success.

  2. Nice. Hopefully, the floodgates have officially opened.

  3. Wow, for a first TTM auto, that is impressive!

  4. Nice! Pretty cool looking signature too.

  5. Right on! Congratulations!

  6. That does look very nice. Though you can't blame Betty--she's probably never seen a "snap case" or a "team set bag." Good thing you didn't send them in toploaders...that could have been disastrous :)