Saturday, September 4, 2010

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - 97/98 Pinnacle Totally Certified Mirror Platinum

Whew....that's a mouthful!

Haven't done one of these in a while. Thought I'd share a card that (at the time I got it) was the most rare Linden card in my collection.

1997/98 Pinnacle Totally Certified
#104 Mirror Platinum /30

This was an interesting parallel in the late 90's.

The story as I know it is that Pinnacle was supposed to insert these 'mirror' versions into packs. They were not. As a result, if a person pulled a Platinum Gold parallel (# /69 for skaters and /59 for goalies), they could send them in to Pinnacle and redeem a Mirror Platinum version (# /30 for skaters and /25 for goalies). Once those cards ran out, obviously you could no longer redeem the card.

For a time, these cards went for a strong, STRONG amount of coin. It seems as though the prices have peaked and dropped a bit.

I bought this Linden for about $75 (which was a lot for me at the time), but am very glad to have done so. I have not seen them surface for quite some time.

It was Linden's lowest numbered parallel (/30) at the time and still is among the most scarce cards in my collection.


  1. Pretty cool card you've got there.

    Ever been tempted to remove the plastic covering? I know I did with a lot of the certified cards I got back in the day. Not sure what it does to the value though, I just don't like seeing "peel off" all over the front of the card.

  2. Interesting you mention that Paul. I was going to comment on it in my blog but didn't.

    All of the cards in my Linden collection that have some sort of 'protective' peel layer are still intact. I can't bring myself to peel (although I know how much nicer that card looks when done so).

    In my 'One Sheet, One Set' project, I did go about and peel. I felt that since the goal with that project was to celebrate the design of the card, it should not be hindered in any way. I like the fact that I can kind of have the best of both worlds as a result.

    Maybe down the road I will go for a 'peeled' and 'unpeeled' version....when the weel dries up completely on Linden cards.

  3. When the Platinum Gold parallel was sent to Pinnacle was it returned along with the Platinum Gold Mirror?

    1. I'm not too sure. My gut feeling says no. Which would mean that there's a good chance that not a full run of each exists out there.

    2. I imagine they wouldn't send it back unless it was marked in some way OR they recorded the serial numbers of the cards submitted?

      If they didn't return them then there could possible only be 39 of the Platinum Gold parallels for the skaters and 34 of the Platinum Gold parallels for the goalies.

      However, maybe all of the cards made it out alive when Pinnacle went under?