Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OUTSIDE THE BOX - Cool Custom Concept

Ever since I started my blog, I have been on the lookout for others who share the same interests of cards, customs and blogs. My list of blogs to check out may seem thin in comparison to other sites, but the blogs I list are ones that I really enjoy.

I came across this blog tonight and thought I'd share it with you as I think the concept of his custom project is very cool.

The Amazing Shea Stadium Autograph Project

To know the parameters of your project (791 players), to have a feasable and 'do-able' goal and to have a unique theme makes this project one that I will be paying close attention to.

To know that he already has 577 cards completed in his project is a testament to his dedication to the quest.

Best of luck and I will be checking in to see how you are progressing.


  1. Wow, I wonder if all those 791 players are still alive?

  2. That was my first thought as well. I do know that there are some deceased players. But due to the design of the cards, all you would have to do is buy an autographed index card and you are good as gold.

  3. That dude is definitely a fan of the Mets! The creation of the cards is enough, but then to get them all signed, THEN do extensive write-ups on each player??? That is one time consuming project! I'm in awe of all you guys who are passionate enough to tackle AND complete some of these projects. Maybe I need to start my own blog to get my butt in gear??? :-)

  4. I'll tell ya, starting this blog has given me a little more structure with my collecting and has gotten me a little more organized.

    The nice thing about starting this blog is that I had zero expectations in terms of who would be reading. It was all done for me - to help me get organized, to help me write, and ultimately to have some fun.