Sunday, September 19, 2010

SCRIBBLES & SCRIBES - OPC Premier Signings

Wow! April.....the last time I did one of these. My bad.

I was at the first local card show of the season today and was looking for some cards for my various projects. When I crossed by one table, I noticed a box full of autographed cards, prospects, stars, legends, you name it. I thought I'd take some time out to see who had some of the nicest sigs and if I could find some nice looking autographs of current players.

A harder task than expected.

So tough in fact that I ventured back a bit for my 'scribe' this time.

The scribble......well those are easy to find.

Thomas Vanek

Now yes, I understand that your first name starts with a T and your last name starts with a V......but that does not give you permission to zig-zag your way through your signature.

I do believe there is an S, A and E included in your name as well. You know....letters with curves in them.


Steve Yzerman

A real mixture of the classic signature and 80's flare. For the longest time, his autograph was just not that well seen on cards. Nowadays, his signature is a part of some of the nicest hockey cards out there. It helps when you are a Hall Of Famer and considered one of the greatest of all time.

What I like most about his 'graph is that the signature takes up a good chunk of the card. It's not a tiny penmark or small in writing. His autograph commands attention.

Take a look at the first letters in his names. The S reeks of confidence - bordering on swagger. The Y ties it all together. What I also find very cool about it is the offset in his name. It just.......fits that style so well.


  1. I always appreciate a player taking the time to write a decent signature. It's so much better when you can actually see that it's supposed to be a name.

    Like that Vanek signature - it doesn't even look like words!

    Stevie Y, on the other hand, that is a quality autograph!

  2. Love Stevie Y's signature. Not the most legible, but full of character and class.