Monday, September 27, 2010

STASHED IN THE CLOSET - Gary Roberts Game Used Stick

Another sift through the giant closet of hockey stuff lends a nice piece that I picked up from a garage sale a few years ago.

Gary Roberts Game Used Stick
(circa: Calgary Flames)

Now, while I can't confirm 100% its authenticity, I can be very confident that this is the real deal. The way the stick is taped and the pictures that I have so far matched up with this piece of lumber gives me good confidence that this is a gamer.

It's a nicely used piece that reeks of the sticks from that era. The yellow and red on white just screams 80's hockey stick.

The garage sale that I bought it from had 4 sticks in total. Two of the Roberts' game used sticks, one really.....REALLY old Northland (I believe) stick from the 50's or 60's (I should get that one photo'd up for another blog post) and a 'johnny normal' stick that I now use for shinny games.

The blade is in nice condition and the tape job is very minimal.

And what really got me was the faint signs of a Gary Roberts autograph. It's tough to see and it was better on the other one I had (yup, I sold the first one for almost triple what I paid for the entire lot).

It looks authentic and makes a great conversation piece. Who knows...he might have scored a couple pretty important goals with it. :)

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