Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BOX BREAK: Panini Certified Preview


Well, In addition to the upcoming Score and Ultimate 10 releases, I learned today that Trevor Linden is in the new Panini Certified product.


That just so happens to coincide with my trip to the card shop for tonight's "Trader's Night".

I was planning on buying a box first thing, but waited as I knew there would be some pack wars. Sure enough there was.....and I won a round.

Basically won a box worth of cards for the price of a pack. Granted, I lost the other 3 rounds....but still came out ahead.

I also bought 5 packs of the product as I liked what I saw. No Linden cards though. :(

All in all, I got about a box and a half. I will do a more thorough review and show & tell this weekend. But I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of what the cards look like and some of the stuff I will be going after.

2010/11 Panini Certified

The base cards are nice and shiny (the scans don't do them justice). I bet they are condition sensitive too. Looks like a good mix of players and Panini has tried to get players in their most recent uniform (or they put the "traded to....." text in there).

Oh, and parallels galore. A player collector's nightmare (or blessing....depends on how you look at it).

A mask set. Check. A lot of wasted space on the card. I would have liked a larger shot of the mask. I'm see-saw on this. I'm making a big purchase tomorrow where I will be picking up more of these. I'll see then which side of the fence I'm on.

Well, well, well......looks like someone's been reading my blog. What a great concept for an insert set. Check. I like the player selection too from what I've seen. How about Luc Robitaille in a Red Wings jersey. Nice.

This Lemieux is a parallel. I plan on going after the base set (less red....more silver).

This was the big pull from my pack wars. A Malkin patch /25. Sweet.

There are a ton of parallels and a ton of inserts. The big complaint so far is that player collectors can't figure out what cards are out there to get.

I've had some help in getting my list. Linden appears in the "Immortals" insert set. A few parallels (including a 1/1) and an autograph version (including a 1/1). Lots to go after.

Speaking of Linden and the big purchase I will be making tomorrow. I should have by this time tomorrow the most rare Linden card from the set (not including 1/1's). I can't wait.

Like I said.......GIDDY!!!!


  1. I'm really liking the base set and some of the inserts are pretty cool, like masked marvels, which reminds me I need to track down all of the Howard parallels from just that insert set, let alone all of the parallels from the base set.

    I think for me, there is something like 50 different Howard cards (including all parallels and 1/1's), so I can see how player collectors might not like this one so much.

  2. It is a nice set. Fir me, there are only 9 Linden cards. Two cards numbered to 25, two cards numbered to 5 and 2 1/1's in the mix.

    A good amount of cards to go after. I'm curious to see how ridiculous the prices go for.

    From the checklist that came with the box, Howard has a base (along with all the parallels that result) and a Masked Marvels insert (again, along with all the parallels).

    From what I heard last night at the card store, this product is sort of Panini's version of Artifacts....parallel hell.

    Good luck. I'll keep my eye out for you.

  3. you were at MLS last night? damn... I think I missed meeting you....

  4. Indeed. I was wearing the Canucks hat looking for the Certified Champions cards out of Panini.