Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have been collecting Trevor Linden cards now for about 12 years. I have built my collection to around 1000 different Trevor Linden cards and am very proud of the accomplishment.

There have been many cards (some of which I have featured on this blog) that I consider top cards in my collection. Patch cards, autographed cards, rare cards and even a couple 1/1's.

But none of the cards in my collection have acquired the moniker of 'Centerpiece'.

Until now.

This card is one that I have drooled over since I first saw the mock-up of it a few months ago. The buzz that the card created was unlike any I have ever seen for a Linden card.

I anticipated the release of the product earlier this month and was looking forward to seeing who would pull this gem of a card.

Seeing that it was not only pulled, but up for grabs made me seriously consider what kind of dollar sign I would associate with the card.

In the end, I decided to go for it. A once in a lifetime opportunity that I wouldn't let slip by.

So without further ado - I present to you the Trevor Linden Card Of The Year!

2010/11 In The Game
Ultimate Memorabilia 10th Edition
Ultimate Emblem 1/1

Yup. I did it! I ponied up the dough and landed what is without question the highlight of my Trevor Linden collection.

And for those who might have that ounce of is the card in my grubby little hands.

Nice! My only beef (again) is that I can't physically touch the card. Not a problem though as I would prefer this card stay in as pristine condition as possible.

And for those who are wondering....buyer's remorse? Not an ounce of it. I am thrilled to get the card and although it cost me way more than I have ever paid for a Linden card - I am happy I did it.

A year from now - 10 years from now - 50 years from now I won't remember the amount I spent on it. Rather that it is now a part of my collection.

This one might be tough to top in 2011.


  1. Nice! Too bad it's stuck in the slab though.

  2. Very nice. It went to the right person, too. One thing, though. That hand doesn't look grubby.

  3. sweet. glad to see a card end up where it's appreciated.

  4. Card is awesome....!!!! Congratulations.....!!!!

  5. WOW CRAZY...I love the patch...reminds me of the real good days!!

  6. Are you (or have you?) creating some kind of display center for your most prized cards?

  7. Not at this point. Believe it or not, it is currently sitting in one of my card boxes along with all of my other Lindens.

    No preferrencial treatment. :)

    Maybe a velvet pillow or something eh?

  8. I was thinking more along the lines of a shrine with candles kind of thing, but the velvet pillow could definitely be a nice accent.

  9. wow! awesome! i saw that card in the previews too. i'm glad you got it. these kinds of cards definitely belong in a collection like yours!