Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BEHIND THE MASKS - Masked Men x9

This insert set from In The Game's 2008/09 Between The Pipes release has been one that I haven't pursued with a lot of effort, but when I found nine cards on my wantlist from one person...I felt obligated to snag them.

It really is a nice set. The super shiny foil/mirror background really make these pop in person. What I think really left me feeling a little blah about it is the fact that out of the 50 card insert set, only a handful are of NHLers. A lot of junior players and such. Not really my cup of tea. Keeping in mind though that the BTP release focuses on the young up-and-comers makes it an obvious inclusion to the set.

Out of the nine cards I picked up, only two are currently in the NHL. Luongo, who's mask is one of my faves, and Dominik Hasek, who in my opinion shouldn't even be in the set since he technically doesn't even wear a mask - it's a helmet.

Still, it gets me to 17 cards left for the set.


  1. WOWOWOW!! I LOVE the Lui Card!! In the future if your trading, let me know for sure!!!

  2. Sadly, this one is going into the PC.

    It is a great looking card (even better in person - the scan does not do it justice).

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. No problem, I figured you would want to keep it to complete the set. IMO that is my favorite Luongo mask, and I don't know why he wears that other awful not matching mask? He's a superstitious guy I guess, so he probably wears it because that's the mask he wins with...?

  4. I'll keep an eye out for another. If I come across it, I'll snag it for you.

    As for the mask. I like this one too more than the 'vintage' one he wears now.

    He really needs to gas it come playoff time though. He doesn't seem to win as much at that time of year.

  5. Well he's been pretty lights out lately, but hopefully Vigneault is smart enough to rest him just enough so he's not tuckered out come playoff time. If he's on his game, I'm confident that even if our 2nd line isnt rolling all the others will, and thats same for our 1st. Thats what is putting us over the top this year, our depth on all 4th lines, including the 6 d-men.

  6. They certainly are looking good right now. Hopefully they can find this success in April.

    Should be exciting!