Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BOX BREAK - Star Wars: Rise Of The Bounty Hunters

It's been a while since I've busted a box of anything... let alone non-sport stuff. But when I went to the local card show last weekend, I came across a box that I knew would be leaving with me.

Last year, my 9-year-old nephew Kyle discovered Star Wars. As a result, I re-discovered Star Wars. They were my favorite movies as a kid and still hold up in my eyes today.

I also discovered non-sport sketch cards last year and was really intrigued by the various Star Wars artist cards out in the market.

When I heard about this set being released, I was really looking forward to cracking a box. Problem was - I couldn't find one locally.

Until now.

2010 Topps Star Wars
The Clone Wars
Rise Of The Bounty Hunters

I'd just like to start by saying Boba Fett is my all-time favorite Star Wars character. But after watching a few episodes of the animated Clone Wars cartoon, I really like the Cad Bane character (he would have been an awesome addition to the movies).

This box had 24 packs with 7 cards per pack. With only a 90-card base set, that puts me in real good shape to land a full set with just one box.

The cards are all horizontal in design and presentation (save for the sketch cards - which is a free-for-all). I like that consistency.

The base cards have a nice simple design allowing lots of room for the 'photo' (actually drawing is a better description). Sometimes simple is better.

The range of scenes used are nice as well. Some really talented people work on that show and these cards reflect that. Sometimes you get a nice close-up of one of the characters, other times you get a nice wider scene shot.

These foil cards are my favorite in the release. Bold with a singular color base, the scans do not do these justice. There are 20 cards in this insert set and I ended up landing 8 of them (no doubles).

These motion cards were a cool pull initially (my nephew really liked them), but the more I look at them, the less impressed I am. It's a little too tough to make out the details in the picture.

That said, the actual motion effect is pretty cool.

I almost missed these completely. These two serial numbered cards were for a moment 'triples' in my box break. Until I realized they had serial numbering hidden on the back side.

I quickly sifted through all the base cards, but only the two were numbered.

They are the same thickness and have the same glossy-ness; the only difference on the front is the small, almost-hidden gold foil in the top right corner.

A nice little bonus I wasn't expecting since I didn't realize it at the time we were opening packs.

Now....onto the goodies!

Sketch Card
Juan Carlos Ramos

These sketch cards were 1:24 packs, so I was expecting this one to be the only one.

It's nice - nothing special. My nephew and I were really hoping for a 'bad guy' sketch card.

The only downside with this card is that there was a rip at the top and it was peeling (you can see it at the top triangle). I'm debating sending back to Topps for a replacement. I just don't know if I'd be guaranteed getting a card back.

We'll see.

Did you think that was all? Nope! The best was still to come.

Animator Sketch Card
Vince Lee

So what's an Animator Sketch Card? Well, other than the 'case hit' appearing in only 1:335 packs, it's a sketch card drawn by one of the animators of the cartoon show. Pretty cool if you ask me.

The actual drawing is a little to be desired (although my niece gave it a big 'Awwwwwwwww'). Cute factor does not equal cool factor when it comes to Star Wars.

Still, it was nice to finally have a couple of sketch cards in my hands so I could compare the makeup of it to the sketch cards my nephew and I have made in the past.

I think another round of sketch cards needs to happen soon. Spring Break is coming up. You never know.

Overall, if you get a chance to grab a box of these, go for it. It was a fun break and I think good value for the price. You end up getting a full set (plus I landed 60 doubles), some nice inserts and the sketch cards really give the 'wow' factor.

May The Force Be With You!

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