Monday, March 21, 2011


Most hockey card photography focuses on a single player (the guy who has his name on the card - obviously) either posing for the camera, warming up on the ice, focusing intently on the play from the bench or in most cases - participating in the game itself.

Every once in a while there is a card that takes those simple ideas and steps over them to get outside the box. You see it with the overhead shots, the 'netcam' and so forth.

This card is one that is rarely seen nowadays and caught my eye so much so at the card show on the weekend that I decided to pick it up solely for this post.

2001/02 Pacific Impact Zone
#19 Mats Sundin

This card comes from a Pacific insert set 10 years ago. I've never seen this card until last weekend. I couldn't tell you if all the cards from this insert set are presented the same way, but I might just need to look into it.

The wide shot. Something that is so simple. In fact, most people inadvertently do this with their picture taking (not zooming in or getting close to the subject).

In this case, it was clearly done on purpose. It allows the person to see the entire play as it has developed.

In a split second, we can see Mats Sundin alone in front of the net, the goalie (Patrick Lalime) out of position (likely due to the pass that just occurred from #7 - I think that's Gary Roberts). He must have just escaped from the pursuit of #23 behind the net.

I'm guessing the game is taking place in Ottawa (as the fans seem somewhat bored at the notion Sundin is about to score).

Even with the shot so wide, you can make out the expression on Sundin's face. The concentration and effort to finish the play and notch one of his many goals during his career.

Imagine if this card had just the closeup of Mats. It would still be a nice card, but the wide shot allows for a different perspective and interpretation of the photo.

I for one enjoyed it. That said, I wouldn't like all of my cards to be presented this way.


  1. I like like cards like this, too. I wish companies produced more horizontal action shots.

  2. This game is taking place at the ACC. I can tell it's not Ottawa because Scotiabank has very distinct stairs that are not present here.

    1. Thanks very much for the info. I appreciate it.