Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Closeup photography when it comes to hockey cards can produce some great pieces of cardboard. But it's got to be more than just a guy looking in a camera with a unfocused glare. It's got to find a way to evoke emotion.

1994/95 Pinnacle
#151 Mike Keane

This is a great example of a closeup capturing a moment most of us tend to overlook.

The postgame congratulations. The moment when those who have battled for their colors, their city, their team come together to pay thanks to one another.

Mike Keane, known for his leadership, is clearly showing his support for his tender. You can see the exhausted look in his eyes, the sweat-filled hair poking out of the back of his helmet and the wrap of his glove on the mask. No words are needed.

A great moment captured. Something only a skilled and seasoned photographer would find as a shot worthy of his roll of film.

Oh wait....is that 'Red Light' Racicot?

Whoops! My mistake.

You can see Mike Keane carefully consoling Andre Racicot after yet another display of 'anything-but-goaltending'. The words "I can't wait to be traded from this team" can be seen emanating from his mouth. Or maybe something along the lines of "I can't wait for practice tomorrow." Or my favorite... "Patrick Roy - YOU ARE NOT!"

Emotion - it's all about the emotion.

Still.....a very nice photograph. :)

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