Sunday, March 20, 2011

RAISE THE CUP - Card Show Pickups

Went to the monthly card show yesterday hoping to find some cards for my various projects. My 'One Sheet, One Set' project made some great strides so stay tuned over the next few weeks, I found a couple nice cards for my 'Cardboard Photography' posts and I snagged a few cards for my 'Raise The Cup' project.

It's been far too long since I've added cards to this slow-growing collection.

Andy McDonald
2007/08 Upper Deck Series 1
Lord Stanley's Heroes

This card closes the book on this nice little subset from the 07/08 UD1 release. A nice 7-card insert set that I only wished would have been/could be a yearly thing. A great memory of some championship moments.

Mark Messier
2009/10 Upper Deck Series 2
Hockey Heroes

Ugh. Mark Messier - again.

That said, I didn't mind him at this stage of his career (he had yet to storm into Vancouver and flip the team into chaos).

It's nice to see some cards with 'older' moments (I don't consider stuff from 1990 to be old, it's just you don't see a lot of solid photography from before that).

I concede - a nice addition to the collection. Now into the binder you go, never to be seen again. :)

Marian Hossa
2010/11 Upper Deck Series 1

Upper Deck, the company that sets the bar for photography. This is it's set that makes that element shine the most.

Big thumbs up to the photographer for capturing that moment, and good on UD for using it in it's release.

You can almost see him thinking 'Finally!' About time as he had a few chances at it.

Jonathan Toews
2010/11 Score
Season Highlight

Another card from the Hawks' triumphant season of 2010. This one lacks a little on the excitement factor, but it still meets the criteria in my eyes.

How many might this guy lift in his career?

Vladimir Konstantinov
1997/98 Upper Deck Series 1

Upper Deck was smart to incorporate the 'Game Dated Moments' into its release this year. Taking photos that correspond to the date on the card just gives the feeling of immediacy and 'live-ness'.

This card really captures that moment well. Just look at Vlad's face. Pure jubilation. Like a kid scoring his first goal.

Can you believe he was only 30-years-old at the time?

These five cards were great to add to the project which is slowly beefing up (still a long way to go though).

Current Collection - 34 cards


  1. cool idea for a collection... i might look through my cards to see if i have any of these... and if i have enough... maybe create a collage. best of luck on this unique pc.

  2. Thanks! I really like this project as well, and it's more of a 'if I find one - great' attitude I put towards it.

    I don't know if it will ever get to a point where I'm aggressively buying cards up on ebay or anything. Just a fun side project (that is quite inexpensive as well....that's a plus).

  3. Great pick ups for a very original idea.