Monday, March 21, 2011

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Corey Hirsch

Just leave me alone! Stop looking at me! I'm mad at you right now! Shut up! I just wanna go home! I don't like you!

Somebody stole my stick!

1993/94 Parkhurst
#149 Corey Hirsch

I could probably come up with a million of 'em. What a priceless photo.

Or we could go a different direction and try to figure out what the photographer said right before he snapped this gem of a pic.

Or maybe he's just always surly. Mad that he's a backup goalie who's never really gonna pan out to anything special. Maybe he's ticked that he only played 4 games that year.

Or maybe he's still stinging from the shootout goal he gave up to Peter Forsberg in the 1994 Olympic Gold Medal game.

I'd be pouting too I guess.

Regardless, Corey, for your 5-year-old defiant face and terrible photo selection to be put on a hockey card....



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