Friday, May 6, 2011

MAILDAY: Bulk Lot Goodness

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled across an ebay auction during my daily......err, hourly Trevor Linden card searches. Mixed in a lot of 50 cards was a Trevor Linden RC.

Nothing to write home about since I already have a copy of the massively overproduced piece of cardboard, but nonetheless I kept tabs on the auction.

Why? Well, buried well withing the list of cards was a nice little gem. I thought if the price was right, I'd go for it.

A $10 bid and the cards were mine. They arrived today.

2006/07 SPx
Flashback Fabrics
#132 Mike Bossy
Spectrum Jersey/Auto /25

I'd say it was worth it. This card books for $60 alone. And I've got 49 other cards to sift through. Granted, some of them are junk base, but there are a few neat inserts some rookie cards and a couple jersey cards.

The Bossy though is by far my favorite. A great looking autograph and a nice piece of jersey. A solid photo from his prime and this card alone exceeds the price of purchase.

In addition, I landed a great card for my 'Raise The Cup' project. Stay tuned.

It just goes to show that if you do a little digging, sometimes you hit some treasure.

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  1. Great card of the greatest goal scorer of all time, in my opinion!