Saturday, May 7, 2011

RAISE THE CUP - The Ideal Card

This little gem was an unexpected addition to the bulk lot that came in last week.

While the Bossy was clearly the highlight of the lot (and one can never go wrong with a Linden RC), this simple subset snapshot caught my eye and has quickly become one of my favorite cards in this project.

2006/07 Power Play
Cup Celebrations
#CC4 Mike Modano

For a while, I thought I had discovered a brand new set to chase. Funny thing is, I had already posted a card from the set way back in the day (granted, it was from the 05/06 set).

Sadly, Mr. Messier didn't make the cut with that one. Ha ha ha.

What I did find out about this insert set is that it consists of 7 cards. Guys like Martin St. Louis, Mario Lemieux, Eric Staal and Patrick Roy make for a cool list of cards to search for.

Take a second and look at the photo. When I said 'ideal card', this is what I meant. The pure jubilation and sense of accomplishment is etched all over his face. What a fantastic photo.

I wish more hockey cards had photos that had as much impact as this one. What a great set that would be.

Current Collection - 35 cards

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