Thursday, July 21, 2011

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - 5 Decades Worth

The recent ITG Decades 1980's release has put a number of Trevor Linden cards on my wantlist - always a good thing.

Unfortunately, in addition to the Linden base, auto, jersey and emblem cards there are a number of show cards that have been created....doubling the cards to keep an eye out for.

There are 3 jersey cards in the product, a black version, a silver version and a gold version. There are also 3 number cards and 3 emblem cards. So 9 in total.

9 regular cards and therefore 9 show cards (all from the Summit II expo recently held in Edmonton).

It's no surprise that the bubble envelopes delivered to my place recently house a few of these gems. Check it out.

2010/11 In The Game Decades 1980
#M-62 Game Used Jersey Silver

A nice start. A good2-color piece.

2010/11 In The Game Decades 1980
#M-62 Game Used Jersey Gold

Second verse, same as the first.

Nearly identical cards except for the fact that the silver has a print run of 30 cards while the gold has a print run of 10.

Best part....I got the gold for a cheaper price than the silver.

2010/11 In The Game Decades 1980
#M-62 Game Used Jersey Gold (Summit II Expo)

This is a nice piece - and it's a 1/1! Sure, it's not an 'official' 1/1, but it will sit nicely in my collection.

2010/11 In The Game Decades 1980
#M-62 Game Used Number Silver (Summit II Expo)

I really like this piece. It's from a Linden jersey and has some nice stitch breaks. So it's a show card....who cares?

Another one off the list.

2010/11 In The Game Decades 1980
#M-62 Game Used Emblem Black

This one is stellar. An amazing piece (looks even better in person). The moment I saw this one, I knew I'd be going after it.

And with a print run of only 6, it's a tough one to pass up (might never see one again).

So that's 5 more cards for the collection.

Actually, there's one more...

2010/11 Panini Zenith

This base card caught me by surprise. It was part of my Zenith break and I'll admit, it was kind of neat to see them switch things up and throw a photo of him in a Habs jersey on the card.

There are a few cards in the product like that. Kind of a cool idea.

Would have been better to see a Capitals jersey though (very few cards with him in that jersey).


  1. Nice pickups! I can't imagine going after all the show cards for a particular player, especially someone like Linden who has to have a ton of them... Good luck though.

  2. you did that on purpose, didn't you?

  3.'s not my fault.

    He doesn't look that bad in the Habs getup does he?

  4. Oh awesome, I like the Zenith throwbacks; makes me want to go out and pick up a pack or two in an attempt to pull something like that.