Friday, July 22, 2011

RAISE THE CUP - Two More From Traders Night

A couple cards catching my eye in trader boxes a couple days ago. Cards that I knew I'd have to trade for.

It's been a while since I have posted any cards for my 'Raise The Cup' project. It's been too busy to do much hunting recently.

So without further ado - let's go!

2010/11 Panini Crown Royale
Regal Achievements
#16 Eric Staal /499

I had no idea this card even existed. I wonder if there are other Cup raisers from that insert set.

I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the photo though (small beef). Too much card design.

2004/05 Upper Deck Legends Classics
Signature Moments

#M42 Clark Gillies /125

This card on the other hand is probably the nicest card in the project to date.

A gorgeous photo, great design and a hard-signed autograph all add up to a fantastic piece of cardboard.

Not too bad of a signature, but a little sloppy compared to some of his contemporaries.

These cards have sort of inspired me to dig a little more come the fall season. It's a fun (and inexpensive) project I'm building.

Current Collection - 39 cards


  1. I like this project idea, wish I had thought of it! :)

  2. Have you got the Joe Sakic one from Upper Deck 96-97? I just found it in my collection if you want it.

  3. I will take a look. Thanks for the offer.