Sunday, September 18, 2011

Custom Creations - Stanley Cup Sneak Peek

During the Stanley Cup Finals, I had a friendly little wager with a fellow hockey nut who I'm a big fan of.

I knew Colin over at The Hockey Life was a big supporter of Patrice Bergeron - always has been. Me being a bit of a Canucks fan thought it would be fun to put something on the line during the final series.

If I were to win, Colin would draw up one of his famous team sheets and get it autographed by the Canucks for me. If his Bruins were victorious, I would have to create a custom Bergeron hockey card.

Well, the summer has come and gone (and so has my time), but I have been working hard recently on a card for Colin that I hope meets his expectations.

I put Patrice's autograph on it just to see how the card would look when signed. I think it's coming along nicely.

It was a little tough trying to figure out which Bergeron photo to go with. There were a number of great pics out there.

I think for the back of the card, I'll be going with a team photo and maybe a closeup of Bergeron's face.

I plan to have the card done and sent off before the season starts. I don't think the Bruins are visiting until mid-January, but I think it would only be right to have that card sitting in the "to be signed" pile for game 1.

Congrats again Colin. Let's hope we can do it again at the end of this season.


  1. What a beauty! Bergeron was the player I was rooting hardest for during the Cup.

  2. Looks awesome as usual! I really like how the picture of Bergeron pops out of the background.

  3. that's a horrible looking card... i barely escaped reading the post without my retinas exploding.

    Okay... the card was very well done. It's the subject matter that was offensive.

    Make two so that Bergeron can have one, a gift from little Colin!

  4. Absolutely. I've got another card in the works for him that I think he'll like as well.

  5. Sorry for the delay, Brett. Been busy with freelancing work and Colin has some form of hockey/skating/practice five or six days/nights a week.

    Colin's reaction: "Awesome! Thank you. I can't wait to get it."

    Mine: "Wow! That goes above and beyond."

    Nice job, sir.

  6. Thanks very much.

    I'm looking forward to finishing it off and mailing it to you soon.

    Hope all is well, and the hockey season treats you guys well!