Saturday, September 17, 2011

STASHED IN THE CLOSET - Scotiabank Hockey News

A few weeks ago my sister had a 'house purge'/garage sale. It gave me a chance to get some of my old boxed up space fillers out of the make room for new space fillers.

I happened to come across a few cool items that I will show off here over the winter months.

Here's one item that I thought I had gotten rid of. It's a small, simple item but one I am very happy to still have.

This Scotiabank Hockey College News magazine is from January 1977. This magazine was put out by Scotiabank and was a 15-20 page release that had a simple variety of hockey. Call it a poor man's Hockey News.

This article made me laugh. Style, shmyle....just stop the puck. You tell 'em Tony.

And I love the drill at the bottom of this page. I remember hearing about Vladislav Tretiak using that one back in 1972 to increase eye-hand coordination as well as speed.

But the big reason I wanted this magazine was the article on Greg Harrison. He was (and still is in many respects) the number one mask maker in the industry. His work on fibreglass masks was revolutionary. And his introduction of the combo mask has turned goaltending protection into what it is today.

I really love the firebrand design in the bottom right corner. One mask that never made it into NHL play.

Snapshots of history like this can often go unappreciated which is a shame. I think these old magazines and old articles can lend to some great knowledge and entertainment.

If you ever come across one, take a moment to see what it has to offer.


  1. i still have about 20 of these. not all are complete but i do have an issue with bobby orr in his team canada as the centre fold. i even have one with an article with wayne gretxky when he was with the greyhounds. curious to see if they have any value.

    1. In good shape, I would imagine that they do hold a bit of value. They're a fun read and some of the photos are quite nice.

      Thanks for your comment.