Thursday, September 15, 2011


Further to my post yesterday on that gorgeous Panini Dominion quad auto featuring Trev and a trio of scrubs. :)

In just a one-day auction, the card grabs a final price of.....


TWICE what I thought it would go for.

21 total bids.....17 unique bidders!

I had my doubts that the card would ever grace my collection, but now I know that it won't.

There's no way I'd pay that price for that card.

Now I really need to re-assess my collection and collecting goals.


  1. grain of salt time.... Brand new product all of the mojo hunters go insane for. A few months from now, or even next off season, that card wouldn't get $400.

  2. Let's hope!

    I think with the company Linden is holding on that card....and only 4 copies of it left, it might hold some value for a while.

  3. That is insane! Hopefully this one and a lot of the stuff from Dominion comes down in price as everybody seems to not like the product overall.

  4. wish I could have been so lucky as to pull a $1,000 card. I've been happy with $20 ones lately.