Sunday, September 25, 2011

RAISE THE CUP - More Generosity

One of the bubble mailers that arrived yesterday was from Paul over at Card Boarded. We've been working on a trade for months now and my end of the deal arrived Friday.

In addition to some cards that will go into my traders, I received some goods that will be part of my 'One Sheet, One Set' project, a card that goes into the goalie mask pc and a bunch of cards (which he threw in for free!!!) that go towards my 'Raise The Cup' collection.

Let's take a look at the RTC cards first.

This Pinnacle card (um....I mean Score card) of Darren McCarty is the only one that I already had, say for the fact that this version comes from the team issue while I had the regular base card. Regardless, it's the same photo.

So I'm replacing the one I had in my binder with this one. I like it more.

Another card from the 1997/98 Pinnacle (er.....Score) set, this Joe Cool....I mean Steve Yzerman. Stoic as always.

I remember the night Ray Bourque hoisted the Cup over his head. It was a very cool moment. Seeing Joe Sakic pass the honor over to Ray was such a cool thing to do. Nowadays, it just seems overdone.

It seems Topps/ OPC picked the Penguins' Stanley Cup locker celebration as picture day for their hockey cards. Not really the type of photos I was hoping for when I started this project....but a hoist is a hoist.

Jim Paek was so excited, he decided to keep his elbow pads on. Rowdy guys. Or maybe he realized that this might be the only time he gets the opportunity. I wouldn't be telling the guy passing it to me to "Hold on while I take my gear off" either.

Joe Mullen. Underrated player.

Mario Lemieux. Not underrated.

How happy does he look? I wonder what he was thinking at that moment?

Ron Francis. Probably the most underrated player of all time.

I'd like to note....these locker room shots are absolutely horrible. Look at Ron and his bright yellow wristbands and newly donned Stanley Cup t-shirt and hat.

That's just nasty.

Bill Guerin....welcome to the club.

The club of new t-shirt and hat I mean.

Poor guy only seems to have shots that year of him in the locker room holding the Cup.

Now we're talkin'! This Ken Daneyko shot not only shows him out on the ice with all the fans cheering in the background. The expression in his face reflects the years he's been pushing for the moment.

Only to be trumped by John MacLean. This is a gorgeous pic and is one of my faves in the entire collection so far.

Thanks very much again Paul. These freebies are quite appreciated and will sit proudly in my collection.

Current Collection - 55 cards


  1. Glad to hear everything showed up finally and that I could help out a little bit with your RTC project. Lookin' good so far.

  2. Those two Red Wings cards are from the Score 97-98 set, not Pinnacle, though apparently Score was also made by Pinnacle. Vladimir Konstantinov is also hoisting the cup on ice in that set.

    And it seems that in that set, quite a few of the Red Wings players were photographed off-ice, probably in some Stanley Cup showing happening of some sort, because also Osgood, Shanahan, Kozlov were pictured outside in their t-shirts like Mccarty, but they were without the cup.

  3. How did I botch that one up? :)

    Thanks for the correction.