Saturday, September 24, 2011

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - Triple Play Mailday

Well, I couldn't ignore this mailday Friday for a Linden show & tell.

No less than 4 bubble envelopes in the mail and one to pick up from the post office.

It's like Christmas came early (except I bought all my own presents....and I know what I'm getting.....and it cost me money....but hey - it's Trevor Linden cards!).

2010/11 Panini Playoff Contenders
#103 Classic Tickets Auto /25

I've let a few of these auctions pass as I knew the prices on them would slowly settle. What started out as a $100 card was had by me for $35.

Them's good eats....but nasty scan.

So here's the back of the card. I like the colors.

2010/11 Panini Dominion
#150 Legends Auto Sapphire /10

It has begun. The first Linden Dominion card knocked off the list (and a sweet one at that). This is the parallel with a hard signed auto. Got it for a great price as well. I like good deals.

Now, I know what you're thinking....a card /25 as your first show, then a card .10 for your second. What could be better than that?

Yup. Another ONE.

2010/11 In The Game Decades
#M-62 Game Used Number Gold /1

I paid a little more than I was hoping on this one, but really wanted this card as it continues my quest to land each of the nine memorabilia card Linden has in Decades (3 jerseys, 3 numbers and 3 emblems). I only need the emblem silver and gold. Pfttt...ONLY!

In addition to these great Lindens, I received a package from Paul over at Card Boarded. We've been working on a trade for about 157 months, and we finally got it done. I'll be posting some of the sweet additions this weekend.


  1. Nice pickups. That Contenders ticket auto is pretty cool!

  2. I've been told that the Emblem Gold is in someone's collection already.